“Rupture" Programme – In cooperation with ADSEA29, France

Rupture is a socio-educational intervention program for adolescents aged 13 to 17, of both sexes, involving their geographical, cultural, and linguistic relocation. It is a temporary removal (3 – 6 months) whose main objective is to provoke a situation of personal reflection that serves as a starting point for positive and lasting change, allowing the adolescent to reposition themselves personally away from the environment that has led them to develop an inappropriate behavioral model.

The basis of this educational resource is not to change the participant’s location as an end in itself to alter their behavior, but to provide the conditions for this change to take place through their own reflection.

The break from the known environment is even more important during this vital period, as the adolescent maintains many behaviors protected by their social bond, supported by their group that provides them with complementary identifications and often leads to the establishment of a place where they feel recognized, even if this means infringing social norms.

The professional team is composed of educational technicians and professional educational families who guide the individuals in this reflective process that should lead to a positive change.

This intervention program is carried out in coordination with the DAD (Dispositif d’Accueil Diversifié) belonging to the Association de Sauvegarde de l’Enfance, de l’Adolescence et des Adultes de Finistère (ADESA 29), a French association that works in the field of social action contributing to the maintenance and development of social cohesion, ensuring respect for individuals, and participating in the prevention and fight against exclusion.

Monthly, the program involves between 6 and 8 young people referred by the DAD, who are cared for in towns in the Alicante region of La Marina.

Información de contacto

Email: rupture@fsyc.org