Psychological andMental Health Care

Professionals of Psychology and Psychiatry with a minimum of 20 years of experience in Mental Health

With more than 20 years of experience, our team of professionals is made up of experts with varied profiles and extensive training and experience in clinical psychology.

On the one hand, our Outpatient Psychological Care Services provide counseling and therapy to conflicts and pathologies of very different nature (depression, work stress, problems of couple and family, difficulties to live homosexuality in a balanced way, etc.)

On the other hand, our psychosocial care devices, such as the Social Club of attention to mental health, the floors for people with dual pathology and the special programs of labor incorporation facilitate the full social integration of those suffering from a serious mental disorder.

Finally, along the same lines, the foundation offers a Guardianship Service for adults legally incapacitated and a support and guidance service for their relatives. FSC also manages public services of this nature, such as the specialized housing for supervised people of the Community of La Rioja, and a similar residential program in Álava.

Psychosocial devices for the attention to chronic mental health problems have been identified as one of the greatest shortcomings of our time, and the foundation intends to intervene to the extent of its possibilities to promote the implementation and proper management of new services and its proper management.