Drugsand Addictions

We Offer integratedresponses

We have our own network of specialized centers to be able to provide a specific resource for each moment of the rehabilitation process.

The abuse of drugs of all kinds, both legal and illegal, and addiction to them are two of the most important preventable problems related to health and quality of life in developed societies. There are other sorts of addictions that should also be taken into account, as the ones called behavioural, such as gambling.

The Foundation was born in the 80s and began intervening in drug abuse related issues, eventually expanding its field of action to many other health and social problems. FSC addresses addiction related problems in all their complexity, thus considering psychological, biological and social aspects equally relevant. One of the Foundation’s most specialised intervention field is the interaction between disorders derived from drug use and other health and social problems through specialized centres for people with both a drug addiction and other problems, which can be related to mental health, gender violence or social exclusion.

FSC’s intervention comes from the management of both its own centres and public ones. Its own programs and centres include outpatient services, day centres, different therapeutic communities, and reintegration homes, drug addiction intervention in the street and other programs of employment and social integration.

Moreover, through contracts and agreements, FSC manages public programs and services in several regions, including outpatient treatment centres, prison programs and initiatives to reduce the harm associated with substance abuse, such as HIV/AIDS transmission.

If the therapeutic programs carried out by FSC have helped thousands of people through all these years, its prevention programs aimed at students, young people and families have undoubtedly benefited a much larger number of citizens, and their impact on the community awareness-raising has been widely proven.