Programmesfor women

Tools for empowerment and autonomy

The gender perspective is present in the planning and designof the actions we carry out.

From this area of intervention the Health and Community Foundation wants to contribute to equality between women and men in every possible setting. The various programmes for women we have been developing have allowed us to approach women’s real needs such as gender violence, reconciling family and professional life, equal opportunities in the labour market, etc. Although this might not be issues that affect women exlcusively, they do contribute to their welfare and empowerment.

Over the last ten years our organisation has developed several programmes to support women and families facing situations of gender violence. Their main objective is to meet the needs they might have from different perspectives, always taking into account the specificity of each case.

To achieve this objective, we run services (shelter homes, out-patient services, emergency programmes) that work in emergency support intervention, recovery of self-esteem and empowerment to prevent new relationships in which further attacks might be repeated. In addition, our support actions include the labour reintegration of women and the protection and psychological recovery of their children.

The Health and Community Foundation has been leader in defining models of action in violence against women and drug addiction and their interactions. In the year 2000 a pioneer approach started which brought together the intervention in these two areas. These years of experience interveening with women who found themselves in both situations (gender violence and drug addiction) brought us to start a new programme in 2013 that included shelter and support for women (with or without their children) who needed treatment for their drug abuse and who had suffered gender violence at the same time, and wouldn’t, until that moment, be admitted at any public nor private service.