Programmesfor women

Tools for empowerment and autonomy

The gender and intersectional perspectives are mainstreamed in the planning, design, execution and evaluation of the actions we carry out.

Fundación Salud y Comunidad/ Health and Community Foundation wants to contribute to equality between women and men in all their diversity (LGBTIQ+, ethnicity, migration, refuge, use of drugs, mental health, capacity, poverty…). We run several programmes aimed at women surviving gender-based violence (GBV): sexual violence, intimate partner violence, women in prostitution/sex work and/or in a situation of trafficking for sexual exploitation, from the gender, feminist and intersectional perspectives.

To achieve this objective, FSC manages several services:

  • women-children shelter homes for survivors of GBV.
  • outpatient services that provide information and care for women surviving GBV.
  • outpatient services that provide information and care for LGBTIQ population.
  • emergency programmes for women surviving GBV.
  • service for survivors of prostitution and/or trafficking for sexual exploitation.
  • legal support service for survivors of sexual violence.

FSC is also a pioneer in the intersection between gender and drugs, developing specific programmes in this regard:

  • The “MALVA” Project: training programme aimed at professionals in the field of drug addiction on how to incorporate the gender perspective.
  • The “Noct@mbulas Observatory”: research, training and community protocols of action on sexual violence, drug use and nightlife environments.
  • “Espai Ariadna”: residential centre for women (also trans women) who use drugs and their children and survive gender-based violence.

FSC has participated in several EU Gender Programmes such as:

  • EU REC (2020-2022): “Sexism Free Night”, on sexual violence in nightlife environments. (
  • EU JUSTICE PROGRAMME (2021-2022) “INTERLEAVE”, on women who use drugs surviving gender-based violence. (

FSC has also participated in a wide range of international cooperation projects on the prevention of gender-based violence and the promotion of sexual and reproductive health and rights in Kabylie (Algeria) (2002-2012) and Dakar (Senegal) (2020-2021).