Childhood, Adolescenceand Families

Psychosocial coverage gaps in children and families

We bring our experience in working with families and young people to consolidate models of autonomous action.

The process of parental separation can cause situations of conflict that might deeply affect their children’s emotional life.

For more than 5 years the Health and Community Foundation has been working to give technical and institutional support to those families in their separation process, that need a neutral place with a positive atmosphere to continue the relationship with their children. In order to do so, we run services that the families can use as a meeting point with their children in the most relaxed way possible, with the help of professionals who can monitor the visits and protect the children when necessary from tense situations, violence, etc. Professional guidance is also provided to improve parental skills.

These services provide a neutral and transitional place to give support and prevent problems arising in the visits to children, which have been established by a judge, or in cases of guardianship by the public administration.